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-  Concepts  -

Have you just bought a project and don't know whether to chop the roof by 4 inches or 6?

Are you unsure which wheels to fit or what colour to paint it?

Then why not have Tootall pinstriping paint you a concept of the finished car?

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You provide some good clear pictures of the vehicle, (or exact year, make and model details) and a list of the planned modifications.

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Tootall will then use your pictures and descriptions to create an 'Artists Impression' of the finished vehicle.

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Finished artworks are presented as a framed A4 print, with an accompanying CD containing the image(s) in a variety of formats ready to e-mail, use on a web page etc etc.

Obviously, the more information you can provide, the better but every effort is made to ensure that the painting accurately depicts the actual vehicle. Careful measurements are taken to ensure that if a 4 inch chop is requested, that is exactly what is shown.

Please be aware that the creation of these concepts is an involved process involving a lot of discussion between us. I may ask you to measure various parts of the vehicle to ensure accuracy.

Many customers tell me that this is a helpful process for them as it forces them to think hard about the project.

Discretion is assured - I fully understand the need for secrecy when you are planning new modifications or a radical project. Images will not be used in any way or shown to any 3rd party without your express permission.

Please contact to discuss your project and pricing.

Many thanks to Ian Drury for allowing the use of his concept pictures and photos of his car

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