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I grew up just outside London, England in a normal working class family. My Father is a talented artist, as was his Mother and her Father, so I guess that you could say that being able to draw is a family gift.

Having been told by my High School art teacher that I would never get anywhere with my meagre talent, I left school and went to Art College.I learned a little about art there, and a lot about beer and girls. After college came an apprenticeship as a printer which has helped me in my various artistic endeavours no end.

There then followed ten years or so of working for a few months, then taking all the cash I had earned and travelling, first around England and then on into Europe.

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In amongst all this were a few years of running around in the dark of night painting the London Underground system, which culminated in the organisation of a legal graffiti scheme in Amersham, Bucks.

On a visit to Cornwall to celebrate my 30th Birthday, I met the lady who is now my Wife and finally settled down. There then followed a spell working in the IT department of the ill fated OnDigital / ITV Digital company which culminated in redundancy.


Although at the time it was a disaster, redundancy did offer the opportunity to try and make a living from my artistic abilities. I had been playing around with pinstriping for a while and had even managed to stripe a few of my clubmates cars, so I set up a stall at the NASC SpringNats at Drayton Manor and began striping for a living.


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With the relatively small size of the Customised car scene in the UK, it is necessary to be as diverse as possible. This has led to automotive portraits and concepts, teaching classes of teenagers how to paint graffiti and much more.

Although I know I'll never be rich working in the areas I do, I do thoroughly enjoy my work. I get to spend time doing the thing I love (painting & drawing) in, around and on the things I love (cars).

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