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- Graffiti Course Information  -

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This course is intended to introduce students to the exciting, vibrant and relatively new art form that is modern graffiti. The course covers the beginnings and history of modern graffiti in the US and a variety of other countries around the world. It is delivered by a tutor who has ‘been there and done it’ and was jointly responsible for setting up one of the first legal graffiti schemes in the UK.

As with any artistic discipline, there are a number of techniques that are specific to the form, these techniques are covered along with the various styles of graffiti that have developed over its history. Attention is also paid to the mechanics of using a spraycan to achieve often quite fine detail. The course also touches on colour theory and design.

Other areas covered are the message being conveyed and the best way to ‘get the message across’ and, of course, the moral and legal implications.

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The aim of the course is to allow students to produce at least one piece of graffiti. Some groups decide to do one each while others all work together on one very large piece. Sizes of finished work have so far ranged from 8 x 4 feet up to 40 x 4 feet. This course has also proven to be very helpful in developing students confidence, those who are reluctant to ‘have a go’ at first are usually those who produce the best work.

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Courses are usually run over a 4 week period, one day per week, with the following schedule:

Week 1 – 2 hours

1 hour ‘lecture’ session on the history of modern graffiti. Lecture is led by a slide show and covers such subjects as: History, Style, Technique, Moral and legal issues. This is followed by one hour in which students can either prepare boards for painting or prepare and discuss ideas. At the end of this session, students are asked to prepare outline ideas of the design they wish to paint in the following sessions.

Week 2 – 3 hours

This session begins with a short refresher on style and technique. This is the time for students to ‘get their hands dirty’. During this time, it is hoped that students will paint their basic outlines and ensure that their design is correct. If time allows, they may continue and begin to fill in the main colours.

Week 3 – 3 hours

This session continues the painting of the designs. By the end of this session it is hoped that the work will only require final outlining and finishing.

Week 4 – 3 hours

This session will be used for finishing the work and if time allows, hanging it. It should be remembered that students work at a variety of speeds and so hanging the work is not always possible.

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