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Minnie the Moocher

Minnie is my Wife's 64 Morris Minor which has been part of the family since early August 2002.

The car was chopped 5 1/2 inches and hardtopped at the 2002 NASC Nationals by our clubmates John 'Chopper' Phillips and Phil 'Sawzall' Rowles. The work was done in one day, in the showfield with only generator power. The next day, we installed a plastic windscreen and drove her 300 miles home to Cornwall.

Since then, she has been lowered by 2 splines at the front (about 3 inches) and has 4 inch lowering blocks at the back. She has been nosed & decked, has front disc brakes and telescopic shocks and the latest addition, a 1275 engine from a Morris Ital.

All this as well as the repair of some serious rust issues in the floorpan and sills, boot floor, rear quarters and more. All this has been done while trying to keep her on the road as much as possible.

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She is currently off the road for the winter and will be undergoing more rust repairs here and there and then we can get on to the fun stuff.

Plans call for the installation of some more subtle rear lights, blending of the rear wings to the body and a change of grille treatment.

We also now have an unleaded head and electronic ignition to install.

Look out for her at the shows next year!

Miss Breathless Mahoney

Miss Mahoney is my 58 Mg Magnette. She came to me around a year ago with an MGB 1800 engine already fitted.

Work on her has yet to be started as Minnie has been taking up a lot of our time and all of our garage space.

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Plans call for a roof chop of around 5 inches, hardtopping and a conversion from 4 doors to two. The 2 door conversion will involve stretching the front doors to maintain balance and proportion. After that, some serious lowering, possibly with the aid of airbags in order to get her as low as possible.

General smoothing and blending, some fender skirts and we're almost there.

I'm still undecided quite what to do with the front end but that grille has just got to go - it's too upright and has the effect of making the car look tall and narrow.

I am however positive about a sculpted interior with a new dash that flows into the door tops and around to the back of the car.

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