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-   Pricing  -

'How much does it cost?' is the question I am asked most often and the answer is always the same - It depends what you want.

Pricing varies depending on size, complexity of the design and the number of colours. However, I try to price my work in two ways:

If you have a specific design in mind, or want me to create a design that contains specific elements, I will give you an estimate. This estimate should be within 20% of the final price unless the brief changes during the design process (and many do).

If however, you are working to a strict budget, let me know how much you have to spend and I will do just that much. Of course we will come to an agreement on how much your money will buy you before work begins. Work can always be added to, so you could have your vehicle striped in easy stages.

I am always happy to create a bespoke design for you - many of my customers spend some time exchanging ideas and designs by e-mail before work begins. I will generally ask for a deposit to cover the cost of the design work, which will be deducted from the final amount.

I am happy to travel to your home or workshop to stripe your vehicle - you pay the cost of fuel + the cost of striping. If however you have a friend or two in your area who also wants some striping, you pay the fuel cost between you.

Please contact me with your requirements.

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