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-  Traditional Art  -

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Although cars and automotive art is my real passion, I still haven't forgotten the more traditional styles of art.

Living in Cornwall gives me a unique and beautiful landscape to draw inspiration from.

Although many of my paintings are of more traditional subjects, they are not always done in the media you might expect. As computer art packages have improved, so I have found myself using them more and more.

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For example, Across the Salt (Left) was done completely on the PC with a proprietary art package.

I also find the computer art packages useful for doing sketches for planned paintings. Firebird (Right) takes inspiration from American Indian art and is a preparatory sketch for a much larger piece. The computer allows me to use all the same techniques that I would employ for working on canvas but without all the cleanup. I also have no need to wait for one colour to dry before I can add the next.

I am happy to undertake commissions in a variety of media, on a variety of surfaces. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.


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